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Hello and welcome to my simple website. The purpose of this site (at the moment) is to give a basic rundown of what I have written and when and where it can be found; no more, no less.

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Intention book cover

My sixth title, ‘Eastern Wu: Realm of the Sun Clan”, takes place between 199CE and 210CE and depicts the last year of Sun Ce’s life, Sun Quan’s rise and the Battle of Red Cliffs, which prelude the ‘Three Kingdoms’ era in China. View the synopsis, learn a bit more about the project or read the first act for free.

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Release Information

Intention book cover


War for the Han Frontier

Cao Cao’s battles against the Yuans, Wuhuan tribes and Liu Biao (200-208AD).

Turmoil book cover


Battle for the Han Empire

The co-regency, Lü Bu’s last days & the ‘Battle of Guandu’ (194-200AD).

East of the River book cover

East of the River

Home of the Sun Clan

Early exploits of the famous Sun clan of Jiangdong (184-199AD).

Yellow Sky book cover

“Yellow Sky”

Crisis for the Han Dynasty

The ‘Yellow Turban Rebellion’ and the ‘Dong Zhuo Crisis’ (166-194AD)

Crouching Dragon book cover

Crouching Dragon

The Journey of Zhuge Liang

An account of Zhuge”s efforts to preserve the Han Dynasty (199-234AD).

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