“Turmoil”: Battle for the Han Empire by T. P. M. Thorne

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~ Battle for the Han Empire ~

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It is nearing the end of the 2nd Century, and Han Dynasty China is beset by strife. Numerous warlords, tribal uprisings, bandit armies and peasant rebellions are devastating the already famine-ridden nation, and the young Emperor Xian can only watch from his court in Chang’an, where the power is held by warlord-regents Li Jue and Guo Si.

The men that should be fighting to restore the Han - the wealthy Yuan Shao, so-called “Hero of Chaos” Cao Cao and disinherited Han scion Liu Bei - are too busy with their own problems, and none are worse than the ambitious Yuan Shu - who covets his brother Shao’s power and more besides - and Lü Bu, foster son of vanquished tyrant Dong Zhuo and a force of chaos unlike any other.

The Han’s fate is uncertain as power shifts from Chang’an to Xuchang and the factions dwindle; a famous battle at Guandu is all that then stands between ambitious men and the road to the legendary “Three Kingdoms” era.

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This novel is only available in English at present. Published by PaMat Publishing.

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