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About the Author

Firstly yes, it is a pseudonym. That one is a given, I think! I have a very particular reason for it.

As an author you are judged on your work. Nothing wrong with that. But you are judged on the genre(s) you write for as well, and you may find that one experimental piece of work you dared to do does not really meet general expectation.

I have an interest in writing other types of work - contemporary fiction, speculative fiction, something with a mystical edge to it, and so on: I will likely have different names that I will write under for each of those things, just so that there is a clear understanding that I undertake each thing with a completely different approach and should hence be treated as though it is a different writer, because in a way it is.

I’m an academic at heart. I enjoy writing and did start down a literature-related path but ultimately I studied for the IT field: it all works together, however, because the programming knowledge means that I am able to do all the eBook production work myself and build the sites needed to make it all happen.

Beyond that, I don’t really know what to say other than to say thanks.

T. P. M. Thorne

Eastern Wu book cover
Latest release information

Eastern Wu: Realm of the Sun Clan’ takes place between 199CE and 210CE and depicts the last year of Sun Ce’s life, Sun Quan’s rise and the Battle of Red Cliffs, which prelude the ‘Three Kingdoms’ era in China. View the synopsis, read author notes about the project or read the first act for free.

Release information

Other available titles are listed below.

Eastern Wu
Realm of the Sun Clan

The Sun clan’s battles with Liu Biao and the Battle of Red Cliffs (199-210CE).

War for the Han Frontier

Cao Cao’s battles against the Yuans, Wuhuan tribes and Liu Biao (200-208CE).

Battle for the Han Empire

The co-regency, Yuan Shu’s throne claim, Lü Bu’s last days & the ‘Battle of Guandu’ (194-200CE).

East of the River
Home of the Sun Clan

Early exploits of the famous Sun clan of Jiangdong that forged their own southern kingdom (184-199CE).

“Yellow Sky”
Crisis for the Han Dynasty

The ‘Yellow Turban Rebellion’, ‘Dong Zhuo Crisis’ and Cao Cao’s early career (166-194CE).

Crouching Dragon
The Journey of Zhuge Liang

The 27-year career of Zhuge Liang, depicting his efforts to preserve the Han Dynasty (199-234CE).

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